PWGhost Builder v3

PWGhost Builder v3

Easily build Password stealing payloads with just a few clicks.

PWGhost is easier than ever to use.. When Your victim runs the exe You send, ALL their saved browser passwords will be decrypted and sent to Your email.

This versison supports email delivery via Google SMTP, If You want to use a differant email service then You can Change the built payload after via DNSPY.

N0VA's Discord

Join My discord server to keep up-to-date on My releases.

Feel free to chat with other members about hacking and coding, Just don't try to sell anything without having the "Trusted Seller" Role, cause I WILL ban You if You do.

OpenBullet Configs - Cap Rewards [NO RECAP] New

Godaddy - Advanced Data Cap New - Cap CCs + Balance New - Advanced Data Cap New - Cap Balance & Coins New - Cap Usage + Trial Details New - Cap Aria Bytes New - Cap Balance New - Brute Only New - Brute Only New

VoyeurHouse - Cap Status/Tokens New - Brute Only New

OkCupid - Cap User Details New - Cap User Data New - Cap Customer Data New - Order Detector New

Calvin Klein INT - Cap Reward Data New - Cap Points/Card Datas New - Cap Orders/OctoData New

Mcdonalds Canada - Cap Payment Data New - Cap Reward Data New - Cap Honey Gold New

RushOrderApp - Cap Balance/Card Data New - Cap Points & More New - Cap Points & Plan New - Cap Name, Friends + More New - Cap Acc Type New

Century21 Webmail - Cap Inbox Count New - Cap Payment Data & Owner Details New - Cap Gallery Img Count & Views New

Custom Tools

PWGhost Builder v3New

LuhnClimber v3New

Lead Validator Pro 2020New

iBruteHily ( Brute) New


Disney+ | US | 2022 Expiry New

Disney+ | US | Hulu & ESPN+ New

Wendys | Has Payment Method New

Semi-Professional Hacker for Hire!

I have been hacking for 12+ Years & Coding for 6 Years.

Custom Tools

Want something specific coded? Send Me a message on discord stating Your request and I'll try My best to make it.

Multiple Languages

Most of My tools are coded in C#, but on occation I'll create something in VB. I'll only release tools coded in these languages.

Config Requests

I can create configs for BlackBullet, OpenBullet & SentryMBA. Make a request and I'll try My best to make it.

Crypto Payments Only

Here at N0VASHOP v3, Only Crypto Payments are accepted. Mainly Bitcoin & Litecoin. If You would like to pay with a differant Crypto, Message Me and ask about it.

Always Cheap Pricing

As We all know, good things don't last forever. Due to this, My products will always be sold for a lower price than most competitors.

Update Policy

If a Config or Tool stops working, I will try My best to update it or make a new version/release. Message Me if You come across any dead tools/configs.

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